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The Cutest Bunny Plush for Sale RIGHT NOW


This is the ULTIMATE in plush bunny cuteness, hands down, no holds barred, etc. What we have here is a soft white stuffed bunny, king among bunny plushies, with long malleable pink ears, a pink nose, a big poofy tail, stout adorable paws, and thoughtful black sewn eyes. This bunny rabbit is the plush toy you’ve been looking for. If you had the time you could’ve learned how to make a stuffed animal bunny rabbit on your own; but since the clock’s ticking, it’s time to purchase a bunny that the kids will love. If you’re an adult, you’ll love it too.

In anticipation of Easter, this plush bunny is now for sale! We won’t be able to get it shipped to you by Easter, but in the spirit of the holiday, let bunny plushies rain!




The Cutest Stuffed Animal Bunny Rabbit Toy for Easter

The very cutest bunny plush you can imagine

And here he is. I call him “Bolita” now, thanks to my girlfriend naming him. Ever since Makeship sent over the prototype, sleep does not come to us unless we’re tucked in with Bolita at our side. He’s soft, and though he is an inanimate object, he brings joy into your life, especially when he whispers in tongues.

When is Easter, 2019?

Easter is happening on Sunday, the 21st of April, 2019. If your family is like mine, then your children wake to a bucket of egg-shaped candy, jelly beans, and of course the epitome of any happy Easter, a chocolate bunny.

Well, now that I have a reason to convince you, let me try it out: why not go that extra mile and give your son or daughter a stuffed animal bunny that they’ll cherish forever? This bunny won’t get to you by Easter morning, but if you haven’t found the perfect bunny toy, you can gift Bolita retroactively when he arrives at your door! Bolita here might not be your typical Easter bunny with floppy ears and long appendages, but he makes up for convention with his unique style; he’s a plump bunny, with a dichotomy of personality–he’s easy on the eyes while also harboring that mischevious element that all pet bunny owners have seen sparkle in their own creatures’ glare. Bunnies know what’s up, and this bunny plush is no exception to the rule that bunnies rule.


What is the best bunny plush for sale right now?

Front view of the bunny plushy

If looking at him isn’t enough, let me regail you with additional reasons to buy my amazing bunny stuffed animal here.

1. Uniqueness. There are all kinds of bunnies, from cartoon bunnies to giant bunnies (like the 50 inch Bashful Jellycat). What sets this bunny plush apart from the rest is that you won’t find it mass-produced because this is a limited sale. If it’s successful, there will be another limited sale. But the point stands: you won’t find this bunny rabbit doll anywhere else but here, and you can only purchase it via

2. Rigid yet bendable ears. This bunny has long ears that are pink and white. Most importantly, they’re pliable ears. They will retain the position you put them in. So it could be a cute double bend, or scaled back like slicked back hair, or an adorable single-ear bend. The uniqueness lies in the internal frame that allows the ears to keep their shape.

3. Story. Bunny plushies are all cute in their own way, but this bunny, Bolita, comes from a very unique story. Its sale doesn’t support a cause. It isn’t memes. This bunny is the real-world incarnation of the Evil Bunnies comics. Things in Squares is my webcomic, and this is the first plushy I’ve ever made of one of my comic characters. The Evil Bunnies usually come in two, but one is enough to cause havoc. Whether or not you consider your purchased bunny plush related to the comic is up to you–but deep down you know the true story behind that cute white doll your kid’s playing with.

Unfamiliar with the Things in Squares Bunny Comics? Here’s one:

Original comic the bunny plush is based on

What are the characteristics of this stuffed bunny plush toy?

  • Color: White (but give it time and a child and maybe it’ll turn cream?) and Pink
  • Ears: Pliable
  • Weight: 164 grams
  • Length: 10 inches
  • Width: 5 inches
  • Height: 6.62-9.75 inches (depending on ear configuration)

Dimensions of the bunny plush toy

Why is this bunny tail so big?

Bunny stuffed animal with a huge tail

Originally, we were going to create a bunny plush with a tail as big as his body. We realized pretty quickly that if this was going to be a bunny plush for babies or small children, that tail might get ripped off in two seconds! So we went with the smaller tail. Still, this is probably one of the biggest bunny tails on a stuffed animal I’ve seen!

Well that’s all there is to say–this bunny plushie is available for pre-order now, just click the image below to reserve yours today!
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