Funny Ass Catnip T-shirt for Sale by Things in Squares

Catnip T-shirt for sale

There are a lot of catnip t-shirts out there representing the joys of this feline-frenzy-inducing herb. What you see above is my entry into the contest for your business.

As you can see, this is a cat, very high on catnip, staring at his tail, who in turn is staring back at him (or her). The wide-eyed cat tail stare is my little way of exaggerating what I see when my cats went insane over catnip. I made this catnip t shirt because I wanted it for myself. Seems like a pretty legitimate reason to make it, because I wouldn’t create stuff that I myself would not wear.

If you want a white catnip T, I got it. It also comes in black and baby blue. So, check it out!

Funny catnip t-shirt for sale!

The story behind this strangely funny catnip t-shirt

So there is a comic behind this shirt. Most of my mugs, t-shirts, hats, and other products¬†for sale stem from a comic that I drew and published at one point. This particular fur ball comes from a long “tale” comic I drew called “A Letter from Your Cat“. The cat writes in the first person to his supposed owner about changes he’ll have to make to accommodate the cat’s expanding tastes. One such thing is “more catnip”. People seemed taken by the image of the cat on catnip, which spurred me to create this here funny catnip t-shirt.

Here’s a little snippet from that comic:

A letter from your cat

So that’s the story behind my catnip garment. Buy this shirt and you’ll be contributing to a comic artist. I publish my comics for free, and you can follow me on twitter or facebook.

Other options for buying catnip shirts

I won’t be selfish. There are some other really great cat shirts out there, and I know you’re an astute shopper so yo’re going to do your research before you jump in a make a purchase. So let me help you. I’ll point you to some of my favorite catnip-theme clothes.

This is a great, simple shirt that say, “Catnip: contributing to the delinquency of felines”

This one is pretty funny, colorful, and way over the top

This shirt is pretty freaky, but rings true insofar as the tweaker effect is concerned

This one says “If you don’t talk to your cat about catnip, who will?” I’ve see it on lots of other designs on other websites, so I’m not sure who came up with it first. Best to look around for yourself.